My Web-Weaving Wishes


I wish that I was a spider

That I could weave webs

Countless webs of creativity

Put together silky webby words

That would ensnare your senses

That I could weave up at will

An entire colony, a storyverse if you will

Like Narnia, Hogwarts and Middle-earth

Or walk you through Neil Gaiman’s Wall

I really wonder what my world would be like.


I wish that I was like Daddy-Long-Legs

The aptly named book, not the spider

Have you laughing from start to finish

For Jean Webster? She did weave a web

An enchanting, humorous web

And Webster? Her name? I wonder

Like the teacher in The Incredibles

I too say, “Coincidence? I think not.”

Like Emma Gonzalez and her friends

I too call bullshit; she must have been a spider.


I thought about Marvel’s Spider-man

And my brain got tingly; he did get bit

Maybe that’s how I first got into reading

A bug, that later became a writing one

I was ensnared and now seek to ensnare

Patient zero or maybe not, but infected

Like the zombies in apocalyptic stories

Stumbling, but on the prowl nevertheless

Like it was done to me, so shall I do

Seeking first to ensnare and then infect.


I’m black and I wish that I was a spider

A black spider, like the black widow

Obviously without the loss and pain

That the word widow brings to mind

But with the powers of that arachnid

Entangling you in my storyverse

Plus you really have to admit

Some people are really asking for it

Asking to have their heads bitten off

And that figure, yep, I want that too.