My Niece’s Version of Pay it Forward

I hate colds – the constant sneezing and coughing; the congestion and stuffy nose; going through a gazillion hankies; the looks you get in public transport because of the incessant coughing (C), sneezing (S) and blowing your nose (B). So yeah, I really hate colds and I have one – got it from my niece, an early Easter gift.

My cold fairy – they throw that in free when you get a cold- was working overtime today. As if dealing with the unending CSBs is not enough, hit me with a nosebleed today. So when I got home, I half-jokingly told our little germ-factory to take back her cold. She seriously and vehemently shook her head and verbally told me a loud no, in case the shaking wasn’t clear enough. And then she gets this devilish look on her face and tells me to pass it on to her brother. And just like that I went from grumpy to happy – still Sneezy though 🙂